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The basic selection and installation points of lamps

      Driving lights and spotlights are distinguished according to their light type, and they are also the two most commonly used lights. Among them: the driving light type is relatively concentrated, the illumination distance is long, and there is a certain amount of floodlight that can take into account the lighting in the short distance. This is our first choice for auxiliary lamps installed on the front bumper of the car. It is also the main lighting used. The basic principle of installing front bumper lamps is not to affect the driver’s line of sight. The auxiliary lamps installed on the same horizontal line as the original car lamps are more beautiful and durable.

      Spotlights, also known as spotlights, have very concentrated beams, longer illuminating distances, and very little floodlight. They are very suitable for installation on the roof rack. When installing, be very careful that the upper edge of the lamp cannot exceed the extension of the windshield glass, so as to avoid reflections on the hood and even cause reflections on the windshield, which constitutes a great obstacle to safe driving. This is why you should choose spotlights on the luggage rack.

     The installation process of auxiliary lamps is relatively strict, and it is generally recommended to choose a relatively professional modification shop.

     At the same time, the owners themselves must carefully supervise the construction and be familiar with the wiring and switch positions. First of all, it is necessary to judge how many extra lamps can be loaded by the data provided by the vehicle generator, so as to avoid insufficient power supply from the generator, and reasonably select a combination of lamps with appropriate power. The main points of installation are:
1) Try to avoid using it with the original car's lamp line. The lamp line must be laid separately, wrapped with a casing and firmly fixed;
2) The lamp needs to have a separate insurance, if possible, from the original car's insurance Pass the box, or set up a separate insurance, put it in a reliable and obvious position, the owner must know;
3) A relay must be installed before the switch to achieve weak current control and strong current to ensure safety;
4) The switch is independent, try to avoid switching with the original car In addition, if possible, the line should be connected to the original car's small light controller, so that all auxiliary lights are cut off when the car lock is closed, so as to eliminate the hidden danger of excessive battery discharge caused by forgetting to turn off the lights;
5) Lamps and lights It is better to connect the wires with plugs, which can facilitate the maintenance and temporary removal of the lamp.

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