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Buying driving lights for your 4WD

Buying driving lights for your 4WD

For many people, fitting specialised driving lights to a 4WD is essential. The extra lighting offers huge benefits and makes it much easier to navigate your way in the dark, whether you are touring or working.

Most 4WDs these days are manufactured with a standard of headlights far improved than those from a decade or two ago, however, the 4WD industry has developed specialised products that go way above and beyond the factory setups on driving lights. These help to make driving at night significantly easier and safer, and here we’ll discuss the different setups, why you’d want them, and where you can get them from.fitting

Fitting additional aftermarket driving lights to your 4WD increases your visibility when driving at night 

What’s the purpose of driving lights?

Aftermarket driving lights are designed to give you better vision once the sun goes down. Whether that’s for tackling a 4WD track, racking up the kilometres on a Friday night so you can enjoy a weekend away, driving on the job for nightshift or any number of other reasons. Additional driving lights afford a level of vision similar to daylight hours.

The risks associated with night driving are not just because of the reduced vision, but also fatigue. When your eyes are strained, you’ll tire quickly from looking for all the details that you’d normally be able to see during the day. That’s a recipe for disaster when it’s close to your natural sleep time.

Whether it’s to see the shape of the road ahead, navigate through bad weather, to steer away from animals, or just to reduce driving fatigue, a good set of lights makes driving at night far safer and more enjoyable.

If you compare the consequences against the price of driving lights, it’s well worth considering an upgrade to your lighting. One accident could wreck a holiday, put your vehicle off the road or worse. So simply put, the what-ifs more than justify the investment.               3inch Stedi LED driving lights
What types of aftermarket driving lights are there?

Driving lights are continually evolving alongside advancements in technology and although it may seem like you have hundreds to decide between, the initial choice is between two: spotlights and light bars.  

Spotlights are generally round with light bars being long and narrow.

Within these two arrangements, you get a variety of globe options. Spotlights will be either Halogen, HID (High-Intensity Discharge), LED or a Laser and LED hybrid. Light Bars are mostly available as LED.

 Swapping the old original halogen spotlights with a new LED light bar.

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