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Pay attention to installation of the Off Road LED lights

    We often see many car owners refitting their own car lights on the road, especially off-road vehicles. After the conversion, they look more cool and at the same time they are safer to use in the wild. However, it is important to note that they cannot be modified randomly. Especially when it comes to your own safety, you should be more cautious. Today we will tell you about the precautions for refitting LED off-road vehicle lights.

    When refitting LED off-road vehicle lights, the bracket must be firm. If you plan to install it on the roof, you must not be afraid of drilling and welding. You must let the safe master install it firmly, especially the high-power lights. In a stable situation, you should also try to be as beautiful as possible. Some lights come with a bracket. If you think the bracket is not good enough, there are also manufacturers on the market that specialize in off-road headlight brackets. Although the price is somewhat high, in order to be able to It is still worth choosing to ensure beauty and stability.

    If the selected LED off-road vehicle lights are super high-power, you must consider the car's battery capacity. The car battery battery capacity is too small, you need to replace a larger one, or the vehicle is modified LED lights, you can save a lot of power for conversion, LED When the strip light is connected to the power supply of the car, it is necessary to install an independent fuse and switch. The LED lamp has a wireless switch. Generally, the car will have a reserved switch position at the factory. The power cord of the LED dome light is equipped with a waterproof plug. It is necessary to bandage, route the cable into the car, avoid pressing the switch door, do not reserve too many wires outside the car, and avoid accidentally hanging up later.

    After the installation is complete, you must electrify and test, and then adjust the angle of the light. The irradiation distance of the general LED work light and LED strip light is about 50-100 meters. After adjusting the angle you need, tighten the fixing screws installed. During normal use, regular maintenance checks are also made to see if the screws are loose.

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