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Off-road modification: knowledge of auxiliary lights that off-road vehicle owners need to know

      Fans who refit four-wheel drive vehicles always like to add one beautiful additional light after another. Some people may ask, is it too exaggerated? No practical effect? We do not rule out that some of them are just for decoration, in fact, this is understandable. But it is actually necessary to install additional lights in off-road vehicles, and off-road lighting is still a very important knowledge!

      The lighting equipment used for real off-road is very important. It originated from some intercontinental endurance cars, because this type of event requires continuous driving day and night, and it needs to cross dark roads, deserts, jungles and mountainside cliffs. Therefore, night lighting is a necessary safety measure for drivers at night. . As an off-road four-wheel drive owner, what type of additional lights to use must understand the following four types of lights:

 1. Fog Lamp
     This is one of our most commonly used additional lights. In the event of heavy fog driving, the fog water itself has an astigmatism effect. When the general car lights are exposed to the fog water, the light will be dispersed, forming a white barrier, and in heavy fog Under the circumstances, the oncoming vehicles are not easy to detect your presence, causing a certain degree of danger. However, the yellow light of the fog lamp is more easily absorbed by the fog water than the white light, which gives the driver a better sense of distance and provides a clearer driving vision.

2. Spot Lamp
    Spotlight is a kind of light with a spotlight effect, which can make the light converge in a small range, and its light range is the farthest, even when it is flying at high speed on the highway, it is easy to give other road users aware. When driving in the jungle, off-road vehicles can also use spotlights to illuminate distant objects, and can also be used for path exploration, search and rescue in the dark environment.

3. Special Driving Lamp
 This is a kind of lamp that exerts its maximum function in a completely dark environment. When the general high or low lights cannot provide comprehensive illumination, it can achieve a relatively broad and comprehensive irradiation surface. The irradiation surface of this group of lamps alone has covered the high and low lamp irradiation ranges.

4. Turning auxiliary lamp (Cornering Lamp)
 Turn-assist lights are used in conjunction with the original lights. When the driver needs a wide-angle field of view, he needs to turn on this set of auxiliary lights. Because of its refracting surface structure, it has a better broad surface. The so-called turning is because it is usually used in some winding mountain roads, so it is named.

 Above 4 types of additional lights have specific use restrictions, everyone should not mistakenly think that 4 types of lights are used at the same time, you can get the best lighting effect in any environment. Because most of the road driving does not need to use these devices, and some additional lights, when used together, will offset each other's original functions. For example, under heavy fog, you only have to rely on the fog lights to guide you forward. If you turn on special driving lights or spot lights at the same time, the function of the fog lights will be in vain.


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