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Car headlight technology comparison: the laser the future?

Car headlight technology comparison:  the laser the future?

Since the beginning of the car, in order to meet the 24-hour driving needs and driving safety, car headlights have become an inevitable problem in the design and development of major car manufacturers. Car headlights have gradually evolved from the additional products of the overall design of the car to the design elements of the car. The embodiment, it can express the emotional design of the car, whether it is cute or high cold or serious. But the most important thing about the headlights is his functionality. The major car manufacturers have their own housekeeping skills, including matrix laser headlights, cold light lamps, etc., and the halogen lamps we are most familiar with. Let's talk about the various lighting schemes of cars, whether they are really as perfect as the propaganda said.

Is car exterior lighting just one bulb at a time?

Most people think that car lighting is not just a light bulb. Of course, his light source is equivalent to a light bulb. However, today's car lighting is not just a light bulb. It can have speed-turning lighting, driving language, and atmosphere creation. There are many functions, and its light source has undergone earth-shaking changes, from the kerosene lamp invented by automobiles to halogen lamps, to hernia headlights, and finally to the latest LED headlights and laser headlights. The structure corresponding to this is more and more simplified, easy to maintain and more in line with the requirements of modern automobiles. Strictly speaking, automotive exterior lighting solutions include light sources, internal filling, internal auxiliary devices, and some required voltage regulators and other electronic devices. There are many lighting solutions on the market now, and there are many halogen headlights from decades ago. Is it just because of cost? Let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of various mainstream solutions.

"Old and Strong"-Halogen Lamp

The halogen lamp is a variant of the incandescent lamp, and its principle is basically the same, but it reacts with the halogen through the sublimation of the tungsten wire, which can form a natural equilibrium reaction between the sublimation and condensation of tungsten metal, which can effectively prevent the tungsten wire from breaking. Therefore, the life of halogen lamps is longer than that of incandescent lamps. This is the advantage of halogen lamps. The external lighting of automobiles has changed from incandescent lamps to halogen lamps, which has opened the beginning of the dominance of halogen headlights. However, with the development of modern cars, halogen lamps have gradually become less complex and appropriate. His shortcomings include: low brightness, high energy consumption, and easy driving fatigue caused by lighting. Of course, one of the more prominent natural advantages of halogen lamps is that we cannot ignore the fact that the light emitted by halogen lamps can penetrate rain and fog more effectively. If you have fog and haze in your home, consider cheap halogen lamps.

"Remember the lens"-HID xenon headlights

HID xenon headlights are usually called rogue lights by old drivers. They are the headlight killers on the highway, and blind the eyes of the opposite person in minutes, causing serious traffic accidents. But here I am going to make a name for it. This is due to the high brightness of the hernia headlights, so it should be widely used in cars. Why is his reputation so bad? The reason is that some modified car owners are refitting hernias. The lens is not added in order to pursue the cool effect, which causes the phenomenon of blind drivers shaking in minutes, so if your car is originally a halogen lamp and you want to upgrade the headlights, the hernia headlights are the best choice for you , But please remember to add a lens.

"Later on the top"-LED lights

LED headlights can definitely count as a typical example that came later. In 2011, the EU forced the use of LED daytime running lights. Within two years, the advantages of LED lighting are more well-known, and people are gradually investing more energy to develop automotive LED lighting technology. Among them, there are many "light factory" Audi, the first to use LEDs in their own Audi A6 models. The headlight, which has the characteristics of wide color gamut, low energy consumption, and small size and can be shaped at will, is deeply loved by car designers, and it often exists as a plus item in car sales. But a huge problem with LEDs is the high cost, and the existence of a lamp group cannot be replaced separately. If you are a shape technology control LED headlight is definitely your dish.

"Representing the future"-laser headlights

The laser headlight uses a laser diode to illuminate the internal auxiliary components for astigmatism. His light-emitting principle is the same as that of LED. His advantage is that its light is brighter and even reaches the level of hernia headlights. Not dazzling. BMW is the first water tester of laser headlights, but one of the problems facing now is that it is broken and there is no repair, no repair parts, if your lights are broken, there is no way to get it done within two months, so please think twice .


The future is here, he is there

Nowadays, the lighting technology in the market is in full bloom. As consumers, we must first understand what kind of car is suitable for ourselves, and we don’t necessarily have to blindly pursue any new technology. On the contrary, some new technologies do not necessarily have an advantage over older technologies in terms of repair and maintenance costs. . But in a word: the future has come. Whether he buys it or not, he is there, that is the future.

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